Distinct Imports Ltd.

About Us

Distinct Imports was founded on the pure personal desire of the owner to bring a fresh approach to autos and auto accessories in the Cayman Islands for everyday drivers and the pure auto fanatic. Our passion is cars and the art of tuning, customizing and perfecting them is our thrill.

Distinct Imports specializes in American and JDM imports for both car fanatics and everyday drivers looking to shop for a new set of wheels with a bargain price second to no other dealer around town. We are a fully licensed Automotive Dealer in the Cayman Islands. Quality New, Certified Pre-Owned and Pre-owned Cars are the focal point of our sales. Easy financing and great customer service keeps our customers happy. We offer a wide variety of stock, lightly tuned, and modified autos with a distinction in look and curb appeal. We have a variety of international suppliers which makes it easy for us to find the auto or auto accessories our customers might be looking for. With over 8 years of experience in the auto and auto accessories business, we are fully capable of meeting your needs.

We aim for satisfied customers through precision in our sales and customer service. Offering a great special order package is one of the major highlights of how we do business. Customers get to custom order the car they want while we take the hassle of buying it for them. Same process applies for order custom parts or accessories. We will source the desired item for you or buy what you have already sourced and bring it in for you. We ship cars from Japan, Europe and North America. With a deep background in shipping and logistics, we can deliver to meet or exceed your expectations.

We take pride in our reputation so going the extra mile for each customer is the normal way to do business for us and we would have it no other way. Our aim is to make our customers happy and by such, we are happy. This old fashion passion for the work we do and the service we provide is what our business is centered around.

Feel free to stop in and see us anytime for next new set of wheels, cool gadget or auto accessories hook up. New stocks arrive weekly.